Visual Studio Shortcuts
that you should know

This is a curated list of the shortcuts you should know or learn as soon as possible. It will save your hours of manual typing and help yo to do more.

Ctrl + P: Display the search bar to search for files.

(Mac: Cmd + P)

You will navigate between files all the time. You can type the file name and open it by pressing enter.

Ctrl + Shift + P: Display the command pallete.

(Mac: Cmd + Shift + P)

Display the command pallete where you can search for an action 

Ctrl + B: Toggle the sidebar.

(Mac: Cmd + B)

 Show or hide the side bar where you can navigate through the explorer.

Ctrl + Shift + E: Move to explorer window.

(Mac: Cmd + Shift + E)

Move to Explorer windows where you have your file tree and can navigate using the arrow keys.'

Ctrl + Shift + M : Quickly shows errors and warnings.

(Mac: Cmd + Shift + M)

Everybody likes bug free code. This command shows the problems panel where you can see identified errors and warnings.

Ctrl + Shift + L: Multi cursor selection.

(Mac: Cmd + Shift +L)

Add additional cursor to edit all occurrences of the current selection. Usually less error-prone than doing search and replace all.

Ctrl + D: One by one selection.

(Mac: Cmd + D)

Similar to the previous one, but Ctrl + D if you want to add the occurrences of the current selection none by one. Each time you press the key combination it adds a new occurrence to the selection.

Ctrl+/: Toggle line comment.

(Mac: Cmd + /)

Toggle between commented and uncommented lunes behavior.

Ctrl + Shift + I: Formats the entire file.

(Mac: Shift + Option + F, Windows: Windows + Shift + Alt + F)

Formats the entire active file or prompts you to install a formatter extension. I use  Prettied Extension to format JS code and XML Tools by Josh Johnson.

Alt + Up or Alt + Down: Move Line.

(Mac: Opt + Up or Opt + Down)

Move line up and down.

Happy Learning.


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Visual Studio Shortcuts
Administrator 14 May, 2022
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